Maldon Archaeological & Historical Group


MAHG are a society that works largely around Maldon and the surrounding villages not just digging, but surveying, giving talks, researching, and engaging the local community in their history. Since 2000, the group's headquarters is at Unit 2, Brickhouse Farm Community Centre, Poulton Close, Mundon Road, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6NG; with meetings every Wednesday at 7:00pm anyone is welcome to come along to meet club members and introduce themselves!

Get involved!

With contacts across Essex, there's all kinds of fascinating historic places that we're called in to investigate. Our sites are open to members of all ages; whether you're 5 or 105 there's somewhere in MAHG to suite you! Even if you don't fancy climbing in a trench, there's finds sorting and cleaning, researching, surveying, or just the fun job of shouting at people to dig faster. We welcome anyone of any age or ability.