Life in the Trench

Essentially, MAHG has a range of things to offer those interested in history; aside from the digs, we also have a range of research facilities, such as our hundred or so local history books, or our range of geophysics and survey equipment.


Usually, there'll be a few MAHG members down at out headquarters at Brickhouse Farm Community Centre in Maldon on Wednesdays at about 7:00pm - if you're not a member and just want to come along to see what the group is like then you're welcome, but please get in contact with us first just to make sure that there will be people there!


For a full list of our ongoing projects, please visit this page. Our digs target previously located sites across Essex that aim to solve historical mysteries within whichever community we happen to be. Becoming a member gives you free access to come and dig with us at any of our sites; if you haven't dug before the site manager will give you advice, and we are always learning from each other as digs progress. Otherwise, non-members are welcome to come and dig with us for a charge of £1 per day.