Ulting Church Site

A geophysical survey was carried out along one side of the church in 2007, to establish the site of a demolished Guild chapel. The results were promising.

A small scale excavation was carried out by MAHG in 2010 based upon the geophysical pseudo-sections shown below; the purpose being to locate the remains of lost a chapel which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary.In 1317, Thomas of Ulting, lord of Ulting Manor founded a chantry of the Virgin Mary, building a new aisle or chapel onto Hatfield Peverel priory church. This was abandoned some years later as there were not enough funds to maintain it.

During the course of the 15th century, a chapel was built on the end of the west wall of Ulting Church. When Edward VI (1547-1553) came to the throne, the catholic elements in the Church in England were increasingly removed and inevitably the chapel, with its veneration of Mary, was dissolved along with all the other guilds and chantries in the country. The chapel was demolished and its lead worth 8 and its timber, tile, glass, iron and stone worth 2 6s 8d were sold by the crown.

The section below seems to show the wall continuing underground at 7 metres, with a strange level of high resistance leading off of it to the right at 1.4 metres down. It also shows an area of high resistance to the left of it.

The section below shows the wall and a possible area of higher resistance 1.1 metres down.

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