Edwin's Hall

The remains of a much larger Tudor house built for a visit from Henry VIII, it is one of the only remaining double-moated manor houses in the country. After the family declared for the king in the Civil War, the house was besieged and afterwards captured by Parliament. It was then partially demolished and has since been modified repeatedly. The present house, therefore, is an important piece of local heritage surrounded by untouched archaeology.

The following is a survey of the south-east lawn, which shows the possible south-east side of the originally H-shaped manor built for Henry VIII's visit.

The following sudo-section was taken running east-west, and appears at about halfway along the above survey, running from the bottom to the top.

The following sudo-section intersects the previous sudo section at 90 degrees, and runs from the 3m into the left side of the area grid to the right, 11m away from the bottom edge.

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